Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucy's First Day of Preschool

Lucy is a big girl now, she will be going to preschool 3 mornings a week! She has been saying all summer that her teacher would be Suzie. There are several teachers at her school, so needless to say, we were very happy when the official register arrived and she was assigned in Suzie's class!
She loved her first day! I walked her into the room and kissed her goodbye. She picked up her nametag, with Suzie's help, and made herself at home in the class. I followed her for a minute, not as ready to let go of her, as she was of me! Then I realized, wait, we've been practicing separation for her whole life, she's ready, let her go! Wow, was that a hard step for me. I'm certainly glad that Sam started Kindergarten last week, so I had a whole week to prepare for letting go again!

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