Saturday, June 27, 2009

OH NO My Baby Love!!!

Lucy gave herself a haircut today!
The little stinker!!!
... and she thinks its FUNNY!!!

I guess I had it coming. The inside scoop is that when I was 5 and my sister, Kelly, who was 3, around the week that she FINALLY had enough hair to put into pigtails (my Mom was so happy; everyone thought Kelly was a boy until Mom could girl her up!) Well, the wonderful big sister that I was, at 5, gave her a haircut, UNDER the binder of one of those OH SO LONG AWAITED pigtails! To this day, 30+ years later, they have STILL not let me live that down - hey I was ONLY 5 AND I AM OH SO SORRY!!!

Anyway, my darling little Lucy (who is also 3) was left in my crafting studio for under 2 minutes, while Sam signed a card for his friends birthday party, that I had just made. Well, she decided to give herself a haircut and cut off all of the curls from the front of her hair that she could see!!! At least she didn't cut them off at the scalp (like I had with Kelly), so I could repair the damage pretty easily. She now has a layered bob, it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. And, THANK YOU GOD, her curls are not completely GONE!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sam Lost His First Tooth!!!

Oh the sadness, oh the joy! My son Sam (5) is growing up way too fast! Today he lost his first tooth! He showed it to me, it was "super wiggly". I said maybe tomorrow. He left the room for about 90 seconds and came back in with it in his hand! He said "I just wrestled with it and it came out!"

We made this little pocket with my Cricut and his Lego paper and stickers for the Tooth Fairy! Seriously, how much is a tooth worth these days? I have NO idea???