Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wall Flower

This weekend I started playing with a couple of ideas that inspired me in July at the Close To My Heart convention in Washington DC.

The first idea was a door decoration that they had on the stage:

The second idea was the fabulous paper roses that Tracey Mason showed us at Extravaganza:

Using a Cherry-O Level 2 Paper Packet, I started rolling paper squares to see what size to make them.  The outer ring of my flower is 6x6 squares, the inner ring is 5x5 squares.  Turn the square so it is a diamond shape.  Keeping the top and bottom points lined up, roll the paper into a cone shape.  I added 2 glue dots to each square, one to the right corner, the other half-way between the right and bottom corner, prior to rolling to keep each cone together.  Once I had the outer ring laid out, I used mini glue dots to adhere the sides of each cone together.  Then I laid out the inner ring cones right on top of the outer ring.  Once I was happy with the layout, I used liquid glass to adhere it all together.  Once the rings were glued together, I used liquid glass to adhere a 12x12 piece of chipboard to the back to give it more stability.  

The paper rose in the center is cut out of a 12x12 piece of paper (see Tracey Mason's instructional video).  The paper rose wasn't quite big enough for the center of my flower, so I added 5 circles in graduating sizes.  I rolled the outer edges of them to match the paper rose.  Then I used liquid glass to hold it all together.

The finished result is about 20" in diameter, and here it is:

Happy Scrapping!
Jen Lee


Jen Zimmerman said...

WOW!!! This is sooooo beautiful! I love it!

Tracey Mason's Studio said...

I second that! WOW! I LOVE this & thanks so much for the toot!