Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My First Jewelry!

A friend and I went to a craft fair a couple of weekends ago and I was inspired by one of the crafters necklaces. She had a metal circle token pendant, press-stamped with the word “Grandma”, and single jewels representing the grandchildren's birthstones. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted for my Mom for Mother's Day, so I took the inspiration and created this necklace and earring set for her:
I picked up all of the jewels and metals at Michael's. I already had a good set of jewelry tools from when I was creating beaded handles for my paper purses; see here and here.

My Aunt made jewelry for years, it was always so much fun to see what she would create next. She's more into making cards now, so she gave me her leftover beads. Maybe I'll get them out, it's fun playing with sparklies!

Happy Crafting!
Jen Lee

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