Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Albums Have Arrived!

The first of our new My Legacy™ album offerings are available to order! The new albums you can start ordering are the Lagoon Chevron D-ring album (Z2090), the Black D-ring album (Z3034), and the new Black post-bound album (Z2094). The price for these albums is $34.95. Click here for the complete flyer.

You will love the new and improved quality of these albums from the moment you get your hands on one. The posts in our post-bound offerings have been made easier to use, which will increase the convenience of your memory-keeping. On our D-ring albums, we have strengthened the rings to keep your memories secure for a long time. The covers are built using a sturdy rigid material, and the exteriors are covered with coated canvas. 

The remaining styles of albums, are expected to be available later this month. We are happy to be able to make some albums available and will continue to keep you updated on the progress of these other items.

Click to order your new albums!

Happy Scrapping!
Jen Lee
Independent Consultant
Close To My Heart

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