Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Origami Columbine Paper Flower Tutorial

Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing tutorials that other fabulous crafters have created. This tutorial can be found at www.jeanettelynton.com. Jeanette is amazing, and her blog is too. I highly recommend checking it out.

This paper flower technique looks like a columbine to me. You can also cut off the points so that it will lay flat on a card or other project.  I have created a couple of Christmas ornaments using this technique. Make a dozen flowers and glue them together into a sphere shape. These ornaments were time consuming, but turned out very cool.

The following is Jeanette's tutorial to make these lovely flowers. You can find her complete post here.

First, start with a single 3" square of patterned paper.
1. Fold the square into a triangle, with the "wrong" side (or back side) of the B&T folded to the inside.

2. Fold both bottom points up to meet at the top point.

3. Fold the flaps in half downward ("on themselves"), lining up the straight edges.

4. Open the fold, which will make a pocket on the backside. The flatten the paper, creating a "kite" shape.

5. Fold the points on the flaps down making a triangle. You will now be able to see a small triangle featuring the back side design of your B&T paper.

6. Fold flaps on themselves on the pre-existing crease.

7. Roll the petal together so that the two flat edges touch. Adhere the flat edges securely, which will form a tight "bud."

8. Repeat steps 1-7 again with additional squares of B&T paper to create a total of five "buds." Glue together the five buds to make a flower. You can trim down the petals to make the flower sit flat, and you may also choose to add embellishments, such as Pretty Pins pearls or Sparkles in the center of the flower to make it feel finished. Create as many flowers as you need for your specific project.

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Marg said...

Really enjoyed the class last night. Thanks for the link and for sharing YOUR talent as well!