Thursday, June 16, 2011

Omaha Update

The kids and I traveled down to see Darrin Monday. It's been 2 weeks without Daddy, he was sure missed. Yesterday, Tuesday, we looked at a few houses and found the one. Today, Wednesday, we wrote up an offer that was accepted! We are scheduled to close July 20 and move in July 22. YAY!!! The kids LOVE the house. They woke up this morning begging me to buy it for them. Well, they get their wish. We are very excited to start our new adventure in Omaha.

Anybody want to dog-sit for a couple of weeks in July? Rhett and Teddy need a place to stay while I'm in LA at convention. They can be split up. I don't want to put them in a kennel, they wouldn't like that very much, there are no humans to snuggle and watch TV with. ;-)

Take Care,
Jen Lee

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