Monday, July 27, 2009

Waterfall Album Meet Scrapbook Page

After completing the exclusive 2-page Animal Cookies Workshop On The Go layout (link to other post), I had another 16 photos from our Wiggles concert that I wanted to work into Lucy's scrapbook. I'm trying to edit, you know, not do three 2-page layouts for big events; I know crazy, isn't it! I just have a hard time letting good pictures stay in the computer. So I created an additional 2-page layout that holds all 16 photos, and it's interactive.

For Father's Day I created 2 waterfall albums, for my Husband and Dad. I also created 3 breast cancer themed waterfall albums for a friend. I credit Jennifer Zimmerman, my upline, for sharing the waterfall album inspiration with me. She had one as our make and take at a team meeting. She is so creative!

The idea seemed easy enough, in theory, to make a waterfall scrapbook page. Well, after trying, and trying, ripping it up, and trying again, I came up with something! I’ll try to explain, but honestly, I don’t really know how I put it all together. It was one of those “just keep trying” kind of projects.

I started with the 2-page layout from Cherish: Puzzle Junkie, featured in the Animal Cookies workshop on the go guide.

Instructions for a basic waterfall album can be found here. It’s difficult to explain, and Scrapbook-Crazy did such a fabulous job, they deserve the credit for making the tutorial. I’m sure there are also other good tutorials out there if you consult Google Search.

This waterfall album/scrapbook page has the pull at the top and the center fold at the bottom. I took a 12" by 5" piece and scored it, starting at 1", then every ½” for 13 total. Then I burnished all of the folds. I adhered an 11" by 5" piece overlapping the 1" to create a 22" by 5" complete mechanism. The 11" is the back half, and the 1" fold (from the 12" scored piece) should wrap around the 11" piece, to help from it getting caught on the anchor piece.

I attached 5x5 pieces of coordinating papers to each of the ½” sections on the mechanism using glue dots. I used patterned paper, instead of cardstock, for some of the pages, and that was a mistake. It was correctable, I just had to pull the paper off and put my journaling on cardstock to stiffen up the pieces. In the future I’ll use cardstock first for all of the pages, and then decorate with patterned paper. I was trying to keep it thin because I have so many pages, and forgot about the function.

I cut a 5½” slit in the polka dotted paper (anchor piece) 4” from the top of the patterned paper in the middle of my layout, for the back half of the mechanism to pull through, and to anchor the top half of the mechanism. I put a piece of packing tape on the back side prior to cutting to help strengthen it. The polka dotted piece is attached to the base cardstock on the sides, center and bottom. I left the top center adhesive free for the mechanism to be able to pull through.

To put the page into the page protector, I cut an opening in one side of the page protector from 5½” to 11½” and 3 ½” to 8 ¾” (measured from the top and left seam of the page protector). I opened the waterfall completely and slipped the page in the protector. The waterfall is able to function through the hole in the page protector, but it is still safe in your album.

For the pull, I set 5 eyelets in the top of the back of the mechanism and laced white ricrac through it, having the ends come out the center eyelet. Then I cut two 1 ½” circles and glue dotted the ends of the eyelet between them. I added a stickease with a button embellishment to the top, and a Velcro dot to the bottom. I put the other half of the Velcro on top of the page protector.

Oh, I also tried my first attempt at quilling. See the little heart. This is going to be my technique at the next co-team consultant art day. My Aunt Sue used to quill and she taught me how. I think it’s an artform that should not be lost. It is so fun and easy to do!

All in all, this project was a lot of fun. I will definitely try this one again. And if you have kids under the age of 6 - take them to a Wiggles Concert - you will not regret it!

Happy Scrapping!

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