Sunday, October 18, 2009

Waterfall Album Scrapbook Page Instructions

To create the Waterfall Album Scrapbook Page, I started with the Puzzle Junkie pattern from Jeanette Lynton’s how to book Cherish and I modified dimensions of a mini waterfall album to fit a 12” x 12” page. Once you get the basic waterfall album technique down you can modify the dimensions based on your needs. Look for additional artwork showcasing this technique on my blog, and at the Scrapbook Shop, in the coming weeks.

Layout Materials
12” x 12” Heavy Weight Cardstock (5)
12” x 12” Background and Texture (B&T) Paper (6 assorted)

B&T Dimensions
A. 2½” x 12” (2)
B. 6” x 12” (1)
C. 1” x 2” (2) (optional, use the same paper as piece B)

Cardstock Dimensions
D. 2” x 12” (1)
E. 5” x 12” (1)
F. 5” x 11” (2)
G. 5” x 6” (4)

1. Use one 12” x 12” cardstock as your base.
2. Attach piece B to the center of the page, leaving 3” on each side, flush top to bottom.
3. To piece D, place 6 glue dots or another strong adhesive to each end and attach it to the base 2” from the top, flush to the left and right sides. Do not put adhesive in the middle 6” of this piece, as the pull for the mechanism will need to slip under it.
4. Attach pieces A to the left and right sides of the base, keeping the edges flush.
5. If you wish, you may camouflage piece D by placing pieces C on top of piece D, flush with the edges of piece B.
6. Score piece E 6 times in 1” intervals starting at one end. When done you will have six 1” sections and one 6” section. Burnish the 6 scored lines with a bone folder.
7. Place glue dots on the back side of the first 1” section of piece E. Match one piece F up to piece E and wrap the section with adhesive around the bottom of piece F, keeping the top flush. This will create a 5” by 22” piece, the "mechanism".
8. Fold the mechanism in half, with the front being piece E with the scored sections on the bottom half.
9. Place glue dots in the top 1” section. Then attach one piece G, placing the bottom at the scored line, and the sides flush. Repeat three times, attaching the remaining pieces G.
10. Place glue dots in the last 1” section. Then attach the remaining piece F keeping the top, bottom, and sides flush. This is your waterfall mini album.
11. Place strong adhesive to the center 4” of piece D on your base.
12. Open your mini album so that the back is facing you and the small pages are facing away from you. Slide the back under piece D on your base and place it ½” from the top and sides of piece B.
13. Fold your mini album closed over piece D carefully, all the while making sure that it is centered on piece D, ½” from all sides. This will attach the backside of piece E to piece D, anchoring the mini album.
14. Open the first page (piece F) and the back page (the other piece F) will emerge at the top. Pull on the back page and your mini album will flip open page by page.
15. Attach a tab or ribbon to the top of the back page. This will be a pull for you to activate your mini album.
16. Decorate the pages as desired using the other B&T papers and embellishments of your choice. Please keep in mind that bumpy embellishments will hinder the action on the mini album.

To place your waterfall album scrapbook page into a top loading page protector:
1. Open the mini album all the way.
2. Put the page into the page protector.
3. Cut a slit in the page protector, carefully, with a craft knife and ruler at the crease in the middle of the back page of your mini album.
4. Pull the page out enough so that when you put it back into the protector, you can slide the open mini album into the slit that you cut in the page protector.
5. Close the mini album.
This will keep your waterfall album page anchored in your album, and allow it the freedom to be opened and closed as intended.

I hope you enjoy creating your waterfall album scrapbook page. I would love to see your creation!

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