Sunday, May 8, 2011

God Bless Your Mother's Day

You Changed My Life by Max Lucado
Want to see a miracle?
Plant a word of love heartdeep in a person's life.
Nurture it with a smile and a prayer,
and watch what happens.
A little rain can straighten a flower stem.
A little love can change a life.
Speak words that make people stronger.
Believe them as God has believed in you.
Praying every loving, patient moment you invest will someday return to you in blessings to fill your heart for a lifetime.
God Bless Your Mother's Day
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This exerpt was taken from an e-newsletter that I receive called Dayspring Blessings. This e-mail gives me hope and encouragement throughout the year, plus really inspiring pictures and fabulous cards. If you would like to sign up to receive the Dayspring Blessings newsletter, click here. No this is not a paid advert, I truly like Dayspring and hope they will bless your day too!

Wishing you a Blessed Mother's Day!

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