Friday, March 9, 2012

How-To Books Reminder

This just in from Corporate: Close To My Heart has announced that each of the How-To Books will be retiring. Despite being featured in the Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book, quantities for these titles are extremely limited and inventory will not be replenished once they run out. They anticipate running out of some of the How-To Book titles as early as this month, so if you have been waiting to order one or more of these books, now is the time to buy!

I don't know where I would be in my scrapbooking and cardmaking if it weren't for these books. They have literally taught me how to scrapbook faster, simpler, easier! They are the best investment you could make in helping to preserve your memories. They are full of tips and techniques, layout designs, and INSPIRATION! If you don't already own them, I highly recommend picking them up before they are gone!


Happy Scrapping!
Jen Lee

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