Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Robins and an Update on the Family Relocation

We've been busy planning our move to Council Bluffs, Iowa and found our little robin babies had hatched today! Aren't they sweet! I'm so glad they'll have a chance to survive before we move and I'll be able to take my froggy welcome sign with us.

We're going to be really busy for the next few weeks. Here's how it's all laying out so far:
We'll be packing and cleaning forever, I mean for the next 2 weeks.
My package from Close To My Heart Corporate should arrive any day and I'll quickly create my demo boards for my class at Extravaganza during Convention at Disneyland before June 1.
May 27: Lucy's last day of Preschool
June 1: Darrin starts his job in Omaha
June 6: we're scheduled to close on our new house in Council Bluffs
June 7: Sam's last day of 1st Grade
June 9, 10, 12: Lucy's Dance Recital
June 13: the week we'll move into Council Bluffs
July 1-4: My family reunion at the cabin
July 8-10: Darrin's family reunion in Sioux Falls, SD
July 12-17: Close To My Heart Convention in Disneyland!
Hopefully our St Francis house will sell and we'll settle in down in Council Bluffs by the end of July. Then the kids will start school mid-August.
Sept 1-4: The Trails Retreat Weekend - boy am I going to need this!

If I survive that long, by mid-July I'll start blogging creative things again. At least news from Convention! I'll get my business going again in September. Thank goodness for the Product Credit I'll be earning by teaching at Convention!

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Happy Scrapping!
Jen Lee

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Brenda said...

I am glad you found a home in such a hurry. You have a busy road ahead of you, girlie!