Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Darrin's Robot Knees 3.2

Today has been a very eventful day!  Friends Lynne and Lisa stopped by for a visit, while Darrin was on his way to the group therapy luncheon.  My Dad met us in the hallway as well.  After Darrin's lunch we had a nice visit in the room.  Then Dad and I went out for lunch so Darrin could have a little nap.  Last night was the most painful night yet, so he barely slept.

Dad and I met Darrin back in the group therapy room for his afternoon physical therapy.  After his excercises, they measured the angles at which Darrin can bend and straighten his knees.  He made it to a 90 degree bend with both knees, which is fantastic - he met his goal!  Then we all got to have popsicles!

For straightening, he brought his right knee to 2 degrees and the left to 4 degrees; 0 degrees is the goal, very close.  He is also able to do the straight leg lifts with his right leg now, so no more leg braces!! 

Everyone who has seen Darrin, nurse, doctor, therapist, and patients alike are all extremely impressed by his progress.  He walked back from the therapy room using his walker, without any braces.

Look Mom, No Hands!!!

This afternoon Darrin's nurse, Cindy, removed his bandages.  I have a few pictures here of his healing scars, skip them if you are queasy.  I personally think its pretty cool! 

This is his left knee.  It looks great!

His right knee is very bruised, which was to be expected because of the extent of the reconstruction required with that knee.  Dr. Ghose said that it was very deformed to start with from the osteoarthritis.

Tomorrow we may be moving out of the hospital over to assisted care, or possibly home, it will all depend on Darrin's progress by the morning physical therapy.  Please keep lifting him up in prayer, it is most certainly working!

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