Thursday, November 5, 2009

Darrin's Robot Knees 4.1

Today we are not doing as well as yesterday.  Still doing great, all things considered.  He's pretty dopey this morning, between the nursing shift changes, he went back up to his full dose of pain killers, and yesterday they had been starting to ween him off of them.  Over the night they did remove the OnQ pumps, which were delivering pain killers directly into the veins in his legs.  So we think that is why they bumped the pill pain killers back up.  But we have that resolved now and he is trying to rest to wait out what he took this morning.  As a result physical therapy was a little more difficult. 

He did end up doing better for his bending and straightening measurements though!

Right leg bent to 92 degrees.

Left leg bent to 90 degrees.

Right leg straightened to 0 degrees.

Left leg straighted to 2 degrees.  We're almost there!

We were going to try stairs and mock getting in and out of a vehicle, but we decided to wait for the afternoon therapy.  He was buckling a bit while walking, we think because of the spaciness; (is that a word?) well, you know what I mean.

Lucy has a fever now, so I am really worried about decision time this afternoon.  They are talking about going to an assisted facility, but he has been doing really well, so there is a chance of going home.  With her fever, it would be really hard for me to keep her away from him if he is home.  She misses her Daddy.  Please pray for the assisted facility with me, so we don't have to go through that hurdle.  The doctors are all for it, it mostly depends on the insurance red tape.

The nurse changed his bandages again this morning.  Skip these if you get queasy.  He is healing very well.  There is a lot of bruising and swelling, but that is to be expected.

Left leg

Right leg

Before                                                      After

Darrin's Mom, Alice, just reminded me of something Darrin said.  "Yes, I am in pain now, but I know that it is going to go away, and someday soon I will wake up without pain."  That is really what we are all looking forward to.  If you haven't seen him lately, actually for the last year, he has really gone downhill because of the pain he feels every day.  Imagine every time you stand up there being crushed glass inside your knees.  I am so thankful for that pain to be over.  Thank you for all of your support and continued prayers!

Check it out, he can cross his ankles!  I'm not sure if he's supposed to do this, but it's pretty cool, right!

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