Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sam's T-Ball Pictures from Spring 2008

Sam played T-ball in the spring of 2008. Darrin was the Assistant Coach. We played rotating ISD-15 fields Monday and Wednesday evenings for 6 weeks. We did not keep score. Most of Sam's time was spent making designs in the sand in the outfield. When he actually tried to hit the ball, he generally made contact, and sent the ball all the way into the outfield. Which was a feat, since most of his teammates barely hit the ball to the pitcher’s mound.

The night we went to take team pictures, all of the ISD-15 teams gathered at the Elementary School playground and took turns taking individual and team pictures. There were several hundred people there; including parents, grandparents, and kids. After pictures, Sam and Lucy played on the playground for a while. All of a sudden, Sam walked over the edge of the park, dropped his pants to his ankles, and peed into the grass. We all got quite a chuckle out of that.

Needless to say, this wasn't Sam's sport.  Maybe we'll try again in first grade, if he wants to.  Sam is just not really a sports kid, but if Lego was a sport, he would definitely score in the big leagues!

The left page is a 12 x 12 print of the action on the field.  Sam was playing pitcher while Darrin was trying to keep the infielders in line.  If you want to learn patience, coaching little league T-ball is a great place to start!

These layouts utilize minimal papers.  Just CTMH black cardstock, vellum, and two sheets of double sided T-Ball themed paper that I found at the Mora scrapbooking store.  The2008 ribbon was cut off of his medal.  We got the trading cards and button with his picture package.

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