Monday, March 21, 2011

Amber Ink Passing of The Torches

Today is the day I pass the Brown Amber Ink Torch off to Tammy Hellstern! She is a very creative lady and I know she'll do Amber Ink proud over the next month. I can't wait to see what she creates!

Thank you so much to Brenda Rose for passing the Brown Torch to me. It has been so fun getting to know my fellow torchbearers and the fabulous ladies behind Amber Ink, Pam and Amber.

Here is a list of the Amber Ink Torches as they are passed off today:

From Keva Brown @ to Amy Everson @

From Sue Cooper @ to Mandi Moore @

From Jen Lee @ to
Tammy Hellstern @

From Cheryl Gorka @ to
Anita Madden @

From Allison Fillo @ to
Jana Weaver @

Happy Scrapping!

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