Saturday, March 12, 2011

Destressing and Distressing in Wisconsin

We're scrapping away at a retreat this weekend. I'll be sharing my projects over the next few days. Right now I'm thinking about Spring, and opening up our cabin. In 2009 we opened the cabin over Mother's Day weekend, it always feels good to go back up there again. The first few weekends are always more work, with cleaning and repairing from the winter. But it is all worth it! Here are the kids layouts from that cabin opener ...

It makes things go more quickly to duplicate rather than create anew. When scrapping a family event, I usually try to do both of the kids layouts at the same time.

Pattern Imagine: Overture
X7138B Fanfare Paper Packet
E1014 Posterboard Alphabet
Z2192 Pacifica Stamp Pad
Z2116 Cranberry Stamp Pad
Y1004 2 1/2" Square My Acrylix Block
Z1151 Foam Tape
Sassy Strands

The most important part for this layout was my handy trusty micro-tip scissors. I used them to distress all of the edges of the paper and photos. It adds a lot of texture.

If you click on the picture to make it larger, you can take an extra look at the wide band at the bottom of each layout. For this pattern it is recommended to cut the paper 1/2" wider than the space will allow so that you can tear off the top 1/2" to have that fun torn paper texture. Since I scissor distressed the edges, I decided to take another spin on the distressed ruffle technique instead. I ran adhesive on the backside along the top and bottom of the 4 1/2" strip of paper. Then I placed another run of adhesive about 1 1/2" from the top. When I applied it to the base cardstock, I first stuck the bottom down, then made the paper into a "hill" and stuck the top edge down just below the other paper pieces. I pushed the paper up from the bottom until that middle run of adhesive took hold. This made a smaller "hill" at the top of the paper. I squashed that down with my hands, ran the bone folder under it to open up the hill again to soften up the paper a little more, then squashed it down again. This just added an extra texture to the layout.

Happy Scrapping!
Jen Lee

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